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Bare Root Available In March

FUll Inventory List:

Dwarf Gala Apple

Semi Dwarf Liberty Apple

Semi Dwarf Pink Lady Apple

Semi Dwarf Red Gravenstein Apple

Dwarf Red Bartlett Pear

Dwarf Chojuro Asian Pear

Semi Dwarf Kikisui Asian Pear

Semi Dwarf Shinseiki Asian Pear

Semi Dwarf Tilton Apricot

Dwarf Hosui Asian Pear

Dwarf Wenatchee Moorpark Apricot

Semi Dwarf Methley Plum

Bing Cherry

Rainier Cherry

Royal Ann Cherry

Semi Dwarf Stella Cherry

Sweetheart Cherry

Semi Dwarf Van Cherry

Combination Apple 4-Way

Combination Cherry 4-Way

Combination Asian Pear 4-Way

Combination Plum 4-Way

Espaliered Combination Asian Pear 2-Way 2-Tier

Semi Dwarf Flavortop Nectarine  

Semi Dwarf Red Gold Nectarine

Semi Dwarf Canadian Harmony Peach

Semi Dwarf Early Elberta Peach

Semi Dwarf Hale Haven Peach

Semi Dwarf Reliance Peach

Semi Dwarf Red Fuji Apple

Semi Dwarf Red Anjou Pear

Semi Dwarf Lodi Apple

Semi Dwarf Red Rome Apple

Bushel & Berry® Rosy Belle™ StrawberryBushel & Berry® Snowy Belle™ StrawberryBushel and Berry® Baby Cakes BlackberryBushel and Berry® Blueberry Buckle™Bushel and Berry® Raspberry Shortcake®Bushel and Berry® Sapphire Cascade BlueberryBushel and Berry® Scarlet Belle™ StrawberryBushel and Berry® Silver Dollar™ BlueberryCistena Flowering PlumChanticleer® PearNanking CherryReka BlueberryNova Red RaspberryColumbia Giant BlackberryDwarf Elephant Heart PlumColumbia Star Thornless BlackberryPolaris BlueberryCommon HackberrySpring Snow CrabappleSnowberryHall's Beauty BlackberryLatham Red RaspberryLollizam CrabappleThundercloud Flowering PlumTulameen Raspberry

Available as bare root in the spring*

Dave wilson fruit trees

Fuji Apple on M-111

Honeycrisp Apple

Granny Smith Apple on M-111

Jonagold Apple on M-111

Flavor Giant Apricot Yrlg on Myro 29C

Harcot Apricot Yrlg on Citation

Blenheim Apricot Yrlg on Myro 29C

Chinese Apricot Yrlg on Marianna 26-24

Harcot Apricot Yrlg on Myro 29C

Tomcot 'TM' Apricot on Myro 29C

Stella Cherry on Newroot-1

Arctic Glo White Nectarine Yrlg on Citation

Fantasia Nectarine Yrlg on Citation

Harko Nectarine Yrlg on Citation

Heavenly White Nectarine Yrlg on Citation

Mericrest Nectarine Yrlg on Citation

Arctic Supreme White Peach on Citation

Contender Peach Yrlg on Citation

Contender Peach on Lovell

Donut 'Stark Saturn' Peach Yrlg on Citation

O'Henry Peach Yrlg on Citation

Reliance Peach Yrlg on Citation

Babcock White Peach Yrlg on Lovell

Suncrest Peach Yrlg on Lovell

Harrow Delight Pear on OHxF333

Hosui Asian Pear on OHxF333

Shinseiki Asian Pear on OHxF333

Blake's Pride Pear on OHxF333

Burgundy Plum Yrlg on Citation

Laroda Plum Yrlg on Citation

Early Italian-Richards Prune Yrlg on Citation

Santa Rosa Plum Yrlg on Myro 29C

Delight Cherry-Plum I.S. Plum Yrlg on Citation

Sweet Treat Pluerry 'R' I.S. Plum on Myro 29C

Candy Heart Pluerry 'R' I.S. Plum on Citation

Dapple Dandy Pluot 'R' I.S. Plum on Myro 29C

Emerald Drop Pluot 'R' I.S. Plum on Myro 29C

Flavor King Pluot 'R' I.S. Plum Yrlg on Myro 29C

Flavor Supreme Pluot 'R' I.S. Plum Yrlg on Myro 29

All-In-One Almond Yrlg on Nemaguard

3n1 Peach, Cold Hardy GEE-F-R-V-CH on Citation

Double White Flowering Peach on Lovell

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