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Bare Root Available In March

FUll Inventory List:

Babylonica Green Willow

Black Chokeberry

Black Hills Spruce

Black Lace® Elderberry

Bloomerang® Dark Purple Lilac

Blue Lace Hydrangea

Blue Wave Bigleaf Hydrangea

Blushing Bride Althea-Double-Pink

Bobo® Hydrangea

Bolleana Poplar

Bombshell Hydrangea

Bristol Ruby Weigela

Bud's Yellow Tatarian Dogwood

Burning Bush

Bushel & Berry® Rosy Belle™ Strawberry

Bushel & Berry® Snowy Belle™ Strawberry

Bushel and Berry® Baby Cakes Blackberry

Bushel and Berry® Blueberry Buckle™

Bushel and Berry® Raspberry Shortcake®

Bushel and Berry® Sapphire Cascade Blueberry

Bushel and Berry® Scarlet Belle™ Strawberry

Bushel and Berry® Silver Dollar™ Blueberry

Cameo Flowering Quince

Camperdown Weeping Elm

Canada Red Chokecherry

Cardinal Red Osier Dogwood

Cardinial Royal Mt Ash

Carnaval™ Weigela

Celebration Red Maple

Chanticleer® Pear

London Planetree

Louisa Flowering Crab

Ludwig Spaeth French Lilac-Single Purple

Lynnwood Gold Forsythia

Midnight Wine Shine® Weigela

Minerva/Lavender-Pink Althea

Miss Canada Lilac

Nanking Cherry

Niobe Golden Willow

Northern Burgundy® Viburnum

Norway Spruce

Nova Red Raspberry

Orange Sedge Grass

Oregon Green Austrian Pine

Overdam Feather Reed Grass

Reka Blueberry

River Birch

Royalty Flowering Crab

Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud

Sapphire Fountain Blue Oat Grass

Scotch Pine

Semi Dwarf Crest Haven Peach

Semi Dwarf Sunglo Nectarine

Sensation Boxelder

Sensation Lilac-Single Purple With White

Weeping Goldenchain

Weeping Norway Spruce

Weeping Pussy Willow

Charles Joly French Lilac/Dble Red

Charles Joly Lilac

Cherokee Chief Dogwood

Cistena Flowering Plum

Collie Mullens(Double-Red Purple) Althea

Colorado Green Spruce

Columbia Giant Blackberry

Columbia Star Thornless Blackberry

Common Hackberry

Common Lilac

Common Snowball Viburnum

Coral Bark Japanese Maple

Corkscrew Willow

Crimson King Maple

Dappled Willow

Drummondi Maple

Dwarf Blue Arctic Willow

Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle

Dwarf Elephant Heart Plum

Eastern Redbud

Eastern White Pine

Emerald Queen Maple

European Varigated Dogwood

Fat Albert Spruce

Fernleaf Buckthorn

Fine Line® Improved Buckthorn

Fire Light® Hydrangea

Flame Flowering Crab

Forest Pansy Redbud

Globe Navaho Willow

Paper Birch

Pauls Scarlet Hawthorn

Pee Gee Hydrangea

PeeGee Hydrangea

Pink Flowering Almond

Pink Flowering Dogwood

Pink Parfait Bigleaf Hydrangea

Pink Pussy Willow/Bush Form

Pinky Winky® Hydrangea

Polaris Blueberry

Prairie Fire Flowering Crab

Primrose Hybrid Lilac-Single Cream

Princeton Gold Norway Maple

Profusion Flowering Crab

Purple Smokebush

Shademaster® Honeylocust

Shotizam Flowering Crabapple

Silver Maple

Siouxland Poplar


Snowdrift Flowering Crab

Snowflake™ Oakleaf Hydrangea

Spring Glory Forsythia

Spring Snow Crabapple

Spring Snow Flowering Crab

Young's Weeping Birch

Zumi Flowering Crab

Gold Bar Maiden Grass

Golden Corkscrew Willow

Golden Locust

Goldenchain Vossi

Green Emerald Arborvitae

Green Giant "Techny"

Green Giant Arborvitae

Greenspire® Linden

Hall's Beauty Blackberry

Harvest Gold Flowering Crab

Heritage Birch

Heritage® River Birch

Honeyrose Honeysuckle

Hot Wings® Tatarian Maple

Indian Currant Coralberry

Jet Trail Flowering Quince

Julia Jane Boxwood

Karl Sax Forsythia

Karley Rose Fountain Grass

Kentucky Coffee Tree

Kikisui Asian Pear

Kwanzan Flowering Cherry

Latham Red Raspberry

Lavender Twist® Redbud

Legacy Sugar Maple

Limelight™ Hydrangea

Little Bunny Fountain Grass

Little Lime®Hydrangea

Littleleaf Linden

Lollizam Crabapple

Quaking Aspen

Radiant Flowering Crab

Red Bud Bush

Red Bud Tree

Red Chokeberry

Red Flowering Quince

Red Heart Althea - White/Red Center

Red Leaf Japanese Barberry

Red Maple

Red Prince Weigela

Red Sunset Red Maple

Red Sunset® Maple

Red Twig Dogwood-Siberica

Redmond Linden

Regal Petticoat® Maple

Sun Valley Maple

Sun Valley Red Maple

Sunburst® Honeylocust

Texas Scarlet Flowering Quince

Thunderchild Flw Crab

Thundercloud Flowering Plum

Tinkerbelle® Lilac

Tulameen Raspberry

Tulip Tree

Vanderwolf's Pine

Weeping White Spruce

White SnowberryYellow

twig Dogwood

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Fuji Apple


Fuji Apple

Bare Root

Fuji Apple

Bare Root

Fuji Apple

Bare Root

Fuji Apple

Bare Root

Fuji Apple

Bare Root

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